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AnyClip and Amazon Web Services: the AI-Powered Video Solution

Revolutionize how business does video with AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence™ platform partnered with AWS.

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Advanced Video Products So Smart, They’re Genius

From customer testimonials to meeting recordings, video is growing exponentially. With AnyClip hosted on AWS, analyze, organize, host, and deliver unlimited quantities of video for a smart, centralized, effective video strategy to increase ROI and drive productivity across an organization.

genius work

The AI-powered internal communications platform for business. Automatically analyze your company-wide video content and instantly organize, discover, stream and collaborate with your teams—from a single platform.

genius plus

The AI-powered video management platform for customer-facing communications that converts traditional video into intelligent content that is fully enabled—searchable, measurable, personalized, merchandised and interactive.

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Video for the Digital Workspace

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Analyze Video for Instant Organization

With AnyClip, power collaboration across your organization through video. Automatically analyze and organize all of your video content including meeting recordings in a single, centralized location with granular access control. Translate into 100+ languages so employees can watch in their native tongue. Offer instant in-video search, so information is easily discoverable, across languages.

Connect Employees with Powerful Collaboration Tools

Enable team collaboration and interactivity in a workspace designed for video— easily upload videos, create chapters, share clips, comment in video, and edit with precision. Instantly summarize and share your content and meetings by leveraging AnyClip’s patented AI-generated highlights and ChatGPT-generated intelligence recaps. Ask questions, give feedback, and chat inside videos with time-stamp based commenting. Drive engagement through interactive links and custom forms. Keep teams working together, anywhere at any time.

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AI-Powered Video Management Platform for Business

1 GeniusPlus Analyze

Automatically Analyze, Organize and Translate 
Transform traditional video content into smart assets for a fully enriched and enabled video library.

Create Captivating Experiences
Centralize, host, and embed on-demand and on-brand video experiences across your site and owned media platforms.

Unleash Interactivity
Activate AI-powered call-to-actions and amplify audience engagement.

Search and Discover
Resurface content beyond title and description—identify people, brands, audio, text, content categories, brand safety flags, and more.

Merchandize your Content
Tap into AnyClip’s proprietary ad serving Marketplace, leverage subscriptions, and enable shoppable video.

Live and After Live
Embed live streams across your site and then extend the value of your live investment with Life After Live.

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Business Analytics

Leverage Centralized Analytics and Performance Insights
Measure video performance and audience behavior with centralized reporting and consolidated dashboards.

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