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Video Advertising Unveiled:

Top 5 Fandom Tactics for Soaring Profits

Explore how Fandom, a leader in fan engagement, revolutionized its video advertising with innovative strategies. Uncover the journey to enhancing their video ad experiences, including insights into effective online video ads and mobile video ad strategies.

Tip: Watch engaging Fandom content in the AnyClip player, located at the bottom right of your screen, as you read this case study.


Since 2004, Fandom has been a hub for over 350 million monthly visitors, fostering 250,000+ communities in TV, movies, and gaming, with 45 million pages of rich content.

Through strategic acquisitions like GameSpot, Metacritic, and TV Guide, Fandom has expanded its reach, offering comprehensive fan experiences from discovery to engagement.


1. Embracing Digital Video Advertising

Fandom embraced the shift towards digital video ad strategies to capture the evolving consumer behaviors, especially in the gaming and entertainment sectors. This move proved pivotal in enhancing engagement and creating a dynamic ad environment.

2. Innovative Online Video Ads

The use of online video ads allowed Fandom to create immersive experiences. These ads, tailored to each community’s interests, significantly boosted user interaction and brand recall.


Pages of Content
Wiki Communities
Monthly Users
Largest Ad-supported Site in the US

3. Leveraging Mobile Video Ads

Recognizing the prevalence of mobile usage, Fandom integrated mobile video ads into their strategy, significantly increasing reach and engagement among mobile users.


Fandom set out to maximize ad optimization and monetization, aiming for at least 60% ad viewability. This ambitious goal necessitated a partner with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to innovation in video advertising.

The search for the ideal vendor led Fandom to evaluate numerous video players. The criteria were stringent, requiring each potential partner to undergo significant development to meet Fandom’s exacting standards.

In the end, the choice was clear and strategic: AnyClip.

4. Utilizing In-Feed Video Ads

In-feed video ads were another tactic Fandom employed. These ads, seamlessly integrated into user feeds, resulted in higher engagement rates and better user experiences.

5. Native Video Ad Integration

Fandom’s use of native video ads provided a more organic user experience, blending advertisements with content to enhance user engagement without being intrusive.


The Genius+ video platform from AnyClip stood out as a transformative solution for Fandom, consolidating campaign management and offering insightful, real-time performance analytics.

With the introduction of the AnyClip Marketplace, Fandom accessed a streamlined avenue for connecting with demand partners. This setup enhanced ad revenue potential through intelligent bidding and advanced ad-serving optimizations.

An example of Fandom content in the Intelligent Player. (Hit reload for new videos!)

Beyond this, the Intelligent Player from AnyClip brought a new level of contextual engagement to Fandom’s video content, ensuring audience interest with smart, content-matched video suggestions. This unique approach allowed for seamless brand integration and exclusive features like geo-restrictions and tailored impression caps.

video ads: Video player interface, Dragon Ball Wiki.




Leveraging AnyClip’s expertise led to an astounding 90% increase in video viewability for Fandom.

“AnyClip was pivotal in understanding and achieving our objectives,” Gunn commented. “They stood out with their tailored solutions and keen attention to our specific needs.”

video ad: Blurred website interface, anime content.


More Than Monetization

AnyClip’s contribution went beyond simple Monetization; it was characterized by exceptional support and tailored customization.

“Their swift response was remarkable,” notes Lincoln Gunn, VP of Programmatic Revenue at Fandom. “Even weekend customization requests were promptly addressed by AnyClip, often within a day.”

In a challenging publishing environment, Fandom was in search of more than a typical vendor. They needed a partner committed to providing comprehensive support and strategic advice on optimization, in line with aggressive timelines.

“AnyClip’s advanced video platform didn’t just enhance our monetization; it solidified our partnership, taking our ad experiences to new heights,” Gunn noted.

Guidance provided by Stacy B. Peled, Senior Director of Publisher Development (AnyClip), and Adela Rohanna, Director of Customer Success (AnyClip).

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